IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is a disorder found in the colon, which is the large intestine where the day-to-day to functions have interfered. You will feel bloating and pain in your abdominal, which will even be linked to excretion. IBS is very common in old or young people of Singapore, which makes ten percent of the population.

The colon is connected to the small intestines along with the rectum and anus. Its main operation is to absorb all water and broken down food particles after digestion into the bloodstream. The remaining particles that have not been absorbed or broken down will remain as residue, which is then excreted through the anus.

How do you know you have IBS?

A specific test or examination has not been found yet to diagnose this disorder. However, when a test is done, it is only done to cross out other conditions and disorders. If you ever want to find a clinic to test yourself out then search for “irritable bowel syndrome treatment Singapore” and a list of clinics will appear.

What causes IBS?

No particular cause has been discovered as such. However, blockage, inflammation or infection does not actually accelerate its conditions. Abnormalities in the intestines cannot be found using blood tests, x rays or even endoscopy. It can result from the following:

  • Any disturbance to the normal function of the digestive system.
  • Increase in sensitivity to the activities happening in the bowel.
  • When there is a disconnection between the brain and the digestive system.


There are certain treatments that help maintain the pain and discomfort. Some of them are:

  • Antacids or anti-gas medication – This helps to reduce abdominal pain and flatulence.
  • Anti-spasmodic medication
  • Anti-depressants – This is given to patients who undergo depression while experience IBS. Once the symptoms reduce, the mood swings and depression reduces as well.
  • Anti-diarrhoea medication – This helps delay any transit whether large orsmall.

Medication and therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, relaxation and biofeedback therapy is used for patients who are psychologically distressed.

Can IBS lined to any other disorders?

IBS will not cause on permanent harm or damage. It is however, painful and not very comfortable. You do not have to worry about other diseases or conditions such as intestinal bleeding or cancer development.

The future medication

When patients are given a small quantity of melatonin, it as identified that there is less pain in the abdomen and diarrhea is less. Another positive news for individuals dealing with this is that there is a medication that is available at pharmacies to reduce any discomfort in the abdomen.

Now that you are aware of what irritable bowel syndrome is, you will be able to help yourself or someone else who needs it.

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