We live in a time when the smartest child is known to be the best in school. This has made parents focus only on their child’s academics and has completely forgone the need of extra-curricular activities. Sports should be a major consideration since it not only keeps your child physically fit, but also teaches him discipline, endurance, acceptance of victory and defeat both, making new friends and treating them equally and even helps in better focus in studies. If you notice that your child is very active and show a massive interest in sports, you can ask him what he likes to play. if he is open to anything and has left you with the decision, here are some of the best for him.

  1. Soccer

Known to be the most popular sport in the world, soccer is undoubtedly one of the best choices for your child. Running around the field all the time will provide an excellent cardio workout. Handling the ball till you search for your teammates will test his patience and agility. Since it is a team sport, your child will learn to treat all players equally and make good friends. However, you also need to know its hazards. Spraining the ankle, wounding the knees is very common and can be cured. However the more serious ones are concussion or severe brain injuries if the ball firmly knocks on the head. Fair-play needs to strictly be maintained.

  1. Swimming

One day or the other, a person will make use of his swimming skills. Accidents in water are very frequent and training your child to handle himself in such situations is very wise. Your child will receive one-on-one training with his swimming coach in Singapore. This sport will focus on both his individual development as he will be having individual events while relays will increase his team spirit. It gives great physical workouts and teaches endurance.

  1. Basketball

This is one of the popular sports among kids. You’d see them playing basketball whenever possible. It is easy to play with no such strict rules and needs only a basketball and hoop on your backyard. Dribbling will enhance his hand and eye coordination. Basketball is an extremely fast game where there will be quick passing and movements so his agility will be improved. It is also known to be less harmful since the worst can be a pulled hamstring or poked eye.

  1. Golf

Not many parents consider golf since it is known to be very lazy and boring. However, it improves your child’s mental health greatly. Golf needs patience and strategy so he will have to use his brain wisely. Also, he will still be able to play when he is old, with his kids and grandkids.

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