You might have recently been promoted to your first management position or perhaps you are thinking of applying for one. In either case, it can seem a bit daunting at first. A management position is not just an advancement in your career; it can also feel like a whole new career in itself. In addition to retaining knowledge, experience, and expertise in whatever field or industry the management position is based on, there’s a whole new set of skills that you’re required to learn and sharpen in order to do your job well.

That being said, being a manager can be one of the most fulfilling job positions out there. In addition to receiving a wide variety of perks, you gain the necessary exposure to learning exciting and useful new skills. Furthermore, it is undeniably a very important leap in moving up the corporate ladder. So do you have what it takes for the job? Let’s find out:

Are You Good at Communication?

Being a good communicator is an essential part of the job. Managers form the communication bridge between the lower-level employees and upper management. You’ll spend a lot of communicating performance goals from the latter to the former, as well as passing on feedback and complaints in the other direction. Additionally, you may also be expected to communicate directly with customers especially when complaints are being escalated. For example, if you’re the manager of a retail outlet and a frustrated customer barges in, demanding to speak to the manager, you need to be prepared to defuse the situation.

Are You Good at Leadership?

This is a rather obvious requirement for the job. There are many leadership styles and you’ll want to develop ones that are best suited for your industry and the culture in your company. For property management jobs, where you’ll have to deal with a wide variety of groups on a daily basis, you should consider adopting an empathetic, ‘people first’ leadership approach. Your approach may change depending on the situation you are faced with.

Do You Have a Knack for Problem-Solving?

When you’re a manager, a good chunk of your time will be spent on solving problems. Whether its employees complaining about work conditions or the board of directors pushing for improved performance, you’ll most likely be the one who is expected to come up with solutions. Although this can seem overwhelming at times, it can also be a priceless opportunity to get noticed. Solving a tough problem can get you the right kind of attention from upper management, leaving you with good prospects for furthering your career.

Do you have thick skin?

There may be occasions when you cannot solve a particular problem. At times like these, a good manager owns up to the failure instead of pointing fingers elsewhere. Being in this job position, you need to harden your skin enough to be able to ‘take the heat’ from upper management and also not let it discourage you from continuing to do your job.

Are You Organized?

As a manager, you will oversee a lot of things from the allocation of budgets to keeping employees in line and you will routinely have to present information regarding these activities to the upper management. Therefore it will be in your best interest to maintain clean and concise records of all the daily activities and make sure that you implement organization best practices among your employees.

If you don’t check off some of the things in this list, don’t worry because you can still learn them. It may require some time and effort, but in hindsight, that will be a small price to pay for furthering your career.

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