Today making videos and uploading them on YouTube has become a huge trend amongst many teenagers and even adults. Everyone wants to know how people would react to something, how disgusting weird combinations of people’s taste like and so on so forth. However, it is only a particular set of videos that go viral and have the most views and shares. So what makes them so amazing? Well it is because they make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Bad sets

The background or set of a video plays a major role in making the entire video even more interesting and entertaining. Even if the presenter or YouTuber is acting oh so stupid, if the background is interesting, then people are more likely to tolerate the nonsense and watch the video till the end. Sometimes the interesting elements in the background in itself might become more popular than the subject. And so, disregarding it and choosing a lousy set to film in, is certainly not going to bring you the million hits you are expecting to achieve! Either get advice from corporate video production experts and then shoot your video or google the ways how to.

Horrible frame

There is a tendency that when you are filming your video that you don’t include necessaries and frame them as required. So either you show the entire legs and not the feet or the entire face and not the forehead. This makes the visuals disturbing and distracting. I mean how many times have you tried to bend over and see the faces of the cartoon characters that have a body and voice yet no face! Yeah nothing is more annoying than that. While you can make a certain degree of changes through post production services you need to realize that firstly your raw footage has to be appropriate only then can it be adjusted to your wants.


A majority of YouTubers think that the more they speak nonsense the more likely they are to get recognized. However, that is the stupidest logic ever. If what you are saying doesn’t relate to the viewer at any level, then there is no point in your video, no matter how good it might be. So always have an idea or rough sketch of what you intend on speaking about. You could also go one step further and even prepare a script. This way you can limit yourself and whatever you have to say to a certain box and not go beyond it!

Always make sure that you present with excitement, only then can you establish a good viewer base!

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