Kids are generally reluctant to learn in the classroom or study at home. If you are a teacher and would like to encourage them, what type of learning aids would you use? It has been proven that especially little ones prefer visual aids and videos etc. rather than reading books or even listening to a lesson. In general, people tend to remember what they saw rather than what they heard.

Do you have a teaching technique?

It is prudent to develop a unique technique to teach little ones. One thing to remember is that every kid is different. If you expect the same feedback from everyone for your lessons, that is not going to happen. You should be proud of such a collection of pupils in your classroom instead of everyone being the same. However a varied bunch of kids as such not only will have diverse ideas, interests and feedback, they will also expect different things from you. As a teacher it is anyway your responsibility to take care of all wants and needs of your students, so it will be good to have a best practices routine or a specific teaching technique which will cover all relevant students in a class.

What can you do?

So to create a unique teaching technique what can you use? As visual aids stay much longer with kids, you can use pre-produced videos for various lessons. If you are living in a country such as Singapore, there will be a market demand for extra classes as students and parents are very keen on higher education. So you can start an academy of your own; but to make it successful you need to follow distinct methods of teaching. You can contact a good film production Singapore firm to help you with this. Work on a story board and let the firm decide on creatives. Producing those videos must be a coordinated effort.

Latest teaching tools

Apart from using visual aids, which is not a new method by any means, what are the other tools that are commonly used now? Actually they vary from robotics to various digital technologies, art & craft, school consumables, developmental products, stationery, sporting gear and numerous science equipment and even sporting gear to teach in the fields. With advanced technology and infrastructure, it is easy to install some of these by yourself within a class room and activation is just a touch of the fingertip away.

Teaching is a noble profession. Not everyone can do it. But if you have the dedication it will be wonderous to watch your pupils winning in the world. It will bring you immense satisfaction.

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