With the ease of having technology around, it is becoming more and more popular for people to make use of its convenience when it comes to recruiting people for jobs. Online interviews through platforms such as Skype are common nowadays making it easy for candidates from far off locations to stand a chance for an interview. These can be interviews of any type such as a job or for students when applying for studying abroad. However, never assume that these online interviews are easier than direct ones in fact it is important for you to prepare all the more for such interviews to make the best out of it. Here are a few steps that you can take in order to prepare ahead of your interview.

Try a Test Run of the Webcam and Software

One of the first steps to your interview running smoothly is to make sure that your webcam is working. The best way to check is to call a friend especially if you have not used one before. Let the webcam run in the window while you get the rest of the adjustments right such as sound and surrounding environment. Make sure that you get the height and distance correct. The ideal sitting position is to have your head and shoulders in the frame so that the camera captures the right angle and nothing is too close or too far. Remember your interviewer needs to see you clearly just like as if he or she was talking to you face to face. This is true of any website live chat on video.

Choose an Uncluttered Background

Next important step is to have a neutral background that is not cluttered. It doesn’t matter how prim and proper you look if the background is messy. This will definitely reflect poorly on the overall performance. A plain wall is ideal or a background that is neat and tidy. Avoid flashy bedroom posters for example of your favourite celebrity or rock band.

Eliminate Any Possible Interruptions

If you are doing the online interview at home, it is likely that you can anticipate the possible interruptions unlike a completely new environment. However, a few pointers to keep in mind is to close any doors and remove or turn off any electrical gadgets; especially your phone. If you have children at home, arrange for a baby sitter and make sure your pets are not around for any possible interruptions. Closing any windows will help eliminate noises from the neighbourhood from any traffic or barking dogs for example.

Check Lighting and Sound

The lighting should just be right, neither too little nor too much. You may have to adjust the curtains, blinds or turn on or off any lights in the room. The best lighting is usually if you are facing the direction of the light so that it hits your face lightly or to your side. In addition, you can also try out different options in your camera or software if the lighting is not as you want.

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