Generally, when it comes to a boarding school vs normal school many parents have doubts and questions in their minds. What makes boarding schools a more suitable option? Wouldn’t the academic standard be as same as a day school?

There are many reasons why you should send your child to a boarding school. The academics, sports, ad extra-curricular activities are just a couple of reasons. But there is so much more. Here are the top ten reasons why you should send your child to a good boarding school.

Teachers Love To Teach

Unlike day school, teachers at boarding schools have degrees in their subjects. The teachers are passionate about their subject and love to help young people to learn it. Due to the high level of discipline maintained, teachers can teach pretty much smoothly and on schedule.

Creativity Encouraged

Music, fine arts, theatre, drama, dance, basically anything and everything artistic is a part of the opportunity that awaits your child in boarding schools. Many schools have magnificent theatres and museums. Chamber music, bands, jazz, and orchestras allow the students to explore their musical talents and valuable inspiration awaits them. Art galleries and museums are offered to those who are more artistically inclined. In short, what you dream you can achieve.

Athletic Facilities

Most boarding schools have incredible sports opportunities. The diversity of sports and teams is truly mind-blowing. You will find everything from hockey to basketball, squash to the crew. Natatoriums are provided and so are equestrian amenities. Fitness facilities at boarding schools put other fitness establishments to shame. Yes, it is that good. Sports teams travel and compete both regionally and internationally.

Home Away From Home

It is never easy for your child to leave the confines and comforts of his/her home and adapt to an unfamiliar place. This step is usually executed during the college years. However, a lot of people encourage moving away from home at an earlier stage. Why? They learn to cope with a new environment and people. They will have many other people who are going through the same process as your children, morale support is provided.  And they will have mentors who will watch over them and help them mature. You should start looking for a safe girls boarding school in Brisbane, just so that you are prepared when the right time comes.

Academic Pressure

If you think it’s easy, you are wrong.  Public schools might study one Shakespeare play per year, but in private schools, your child might have to thoroughly study up to three plays per year. It’s all about a challenge for the students. To evaluate at which academic level each student stands.  The main concern of every boarding schools is to get a good college for their student. Therefore, academic performance and pressure are remarkable.

Well Stocked Media Centers

The more established schools have astounding library facilities, which are well equipped than most college libraries. A typical boarding school library is stocked up with the latest technology and an abundance of reading material.


Sending your child to a boarding school will help them mature faster. They will understand the difference between right and wrong, they will learn how to cope with highs and lows of life, they will also learn how to be independent, they will also learn to be responsible for their actions.

Despite the many benefits of a boarding school. It is very important to understand that you must send your child to a safe and established one.

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