Out of all the countries in Asia, just like Japan, China, Korea and such, Singapore too is given much recognition from many tourists around the world, making an Asian tour. So even if you are an Asian yourself, here is why you should be planning a visit to this country.


Food is something that any person from any place can connect to with another on a deeper level. Especially when it comes to experiencing the local cuisines, there surely is a lot a foreigner could learn from. In Singapore food is one the most important things you have to try when you visit. While there are high class restaurants and hotels in the city, there are also local street food places and boutique restaurants that too offer local dishes of a similar quality for a much lesser price. What’s more exciting is that there is an entire Singapore Food Festival that is hosted and celebrated in July, so if you are planning on visiting to apply for singapore pr make sure to schedule the trip to fall on this month!

Culture and traditions

The traditions and cultures in a country that is not native, always fascinates a foreigner. This is because there is so much to see and learn through. Especially Asian nations are known to be rather traditional and culture abiding people, so even in Singapore this is sure sight and experience you could gain by walking around the city and visiting such sacred places that the locals hold dear to their hearts. Although we all picture and know Singapore like a commercialized hub, there is still much traditions and culture that could be experienced by anyone who visits there. So if you are looking to gain this experience make sure to visit Little India, Chinatown and GeylangSerai during the Deepavali and Chinese New Year festivals.


This entire country in itself is a place any architectural enthusiast has to visit.  From the infamous lion fountain to the other cool structures in the country, not posing to a picture with these at the background is surely going to be something you would regret. So before decide and plan on your visit to this nation, set out a to-do list for yourself so that you don’t miss anything at all!

In addition to the architectural importance given in the country, there is also much interest for art as well. And if you were to visit a gallery in the city, you would be able to understand the level of importance this element has gained. So plan your trip wisely and make the best use out of it to gain an experience of a life time!

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