Hiring an in-house marketing teams offers great benefits to small businesses. In-house teams can be more affordable and trustworthy for some businesses. On the flip side, this practice is not without its downsides. Here are several reasons why small businesses should forgo in-house marketing teams and choose third-party experts instead:

More Bang for Your Buck

How big a team can a small business hire for marketing purposes? Given the limited budgets, it’s probably two or three people. Consider how much expertise a small team of marketers with limited professional experience bring against a massive team from a boutique advertising agency. While hiring a small, in-house team may seem affordable, the costs may not necessarily justify the benefits. Third-party agencies are staffed with skilled and experienced professionals who will be at your disposal for the contract period. This is more advantageous to small businesses on both a financial and expertise perspective.

Better Knowledge

Marketing companies not only have more experience, the professionals at these places are also highly informed. The digital marketing landscape is something that is constantly changing with new advancements in technology and such. Those who stay ahead in this landscape are the ones who know what the latest trend is. Professional agencies keep up to date with what’s changing in the advertising front. This valuable knowledge goes into tailor making marketing plans for your company. Small businesses cannot expect this level of knowledge from in-house teams who are limited in their exposure to the field.

Formulate Strategies with Competition in Mind

Want to beat a competitor in a marketing effort? Then a third-party marketer is the best choice for a small business. These companies are well aware of what your competition is doing. That means they can offer your brand an edge when formulating a marketing plan. As professional consultants often take on projects between companies and sectors, they have the knowledge to give your brand an advantage the competition doesn’t have. An in-house team simply wouldn’t have this knowledge because their work is limited to just one—your—brand.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Does your small business plan on investing in a long-term marketing project or will the strategy be made up of many smaller projects? In other words, would the in-house team have work to do all-year around? If not, then your business can actually save money with a third-party marketer, who will be willing to work on a contract basis. Teams can be hired based on the project without the burden of having to pay annual salaries.

Flexibility for the Company

Businesses can hire and fire third-party contractors with more flexibility than with full-time employees. If your business is not satisfied with the performance of a team, it’s easy to hire a new one and start over without losing a lot of money. This is not possible with full-time employees, who can only be fired following a certain process.

In simple terms, third-party marketers can bring more experience, knowledge, professionalism, and a competitive advantage to your business in a way that tiny, in-house teams can’t. On the long term, a third-party contractor is also much more affordable for smaller companies. Therefore, the long-awaited upgrade your marketing plan need might just be a new team.


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